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Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is an international non-profit digital rights group based in the United States. Blending the expertise of lawyers, policy analysts, activists, and technologists, EFF achieves significant victories on behalf of consumers and the general public. EFF fights for freedom primarily in the courts, bringing and defending lawsuits even when that means taking on the IndieGameStand has written a blog post about it and it doesn't paint a pretty picture. It's always a shame to hear about scammers, especially when it comes to indie developers and smaller stores. This website makes use of cookies to enhance your browsing experience and provide additional functionality -> More info Deny Cookies - Allow Cookies IndieGameStand has written a blog post about it and it doesn't paint a pretty picture. I didn't think it was as bad as that blog post makes it out to be, but wow it really is a problem. QuoteIndieGameStand has had $30,759.42 in fraudulent credit card charges and transactions. The main difference between selling a used TV and a used PC game is the game is only going to get better with time. You can say goodnight to big sales on steam because people will stockpile games, then after the sale is over, sell at a lower price so the developers get even less money. Miscellaneous is a catch-all category for either one-off game bundles by individual developers, bundle sellers that have only had one bundle, and defunct bundles. Ultrabundle, Indie-Games Summer Six-Pack, The Free Indie Bundle, Summerbatch Volume 1, Super Shock Bundle, The Russian Indie Bundle #1, Charlie’s Games Mega Pack, Bagfull Of Wrong, GamesRage, SavyGamer Bundle, The Fall Pay What You

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What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin Explained Simply for Dummies

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and a digital payment system invented by an unknown programmer or a group of programmers under the name Satoshi Nakamoto It was released as open source software in The s... Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency. All Bitcoin transactions are documented on a virtual ledger called the blockchain, which is accessible for everyone to see. The Of Bitcoin - Wikipedia Here are three actions to help you get started utilizing Bitcoin Money right now: A Bitcoin wallet is an app or program that enables you send and receive BCH. Wallets ... Use the code R8avSs and get 3% every time you purchase hashpower to mine Bitcoin and Ethereum and a ton of other Cryptocurrencies at 3% discount code: R8avSs My BTC ... Anthony Pompliano says get ready for the bitcoin halving and price escalation to $100k - Duration: 13:28. Kitco NEWS 83,121 views. 13:28.

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